Question:  Is Stratitech Consulting, Inc. a real Investment Adviser Firm and is John Waller a legitimate Investment Adviser Representative?

Answer:  Yes. Stratitech Consulting, Inc. is registered by the State of Illinois as an Investment Adviser Firm. John Waller is registered as an Investment Adviser Representative. The official letter of registration and both brochures are available under the “Brochures” tab on the home page menu bar.

Question:  What type of clients does Stratitech work with?

Answer:  The Firm provides investment advice primarily to:

●  Young adults to assist in budgeting and scheduled savings,
●  Adults with both retirement planning and wealth building requirements,
●  People approaching retirement to help plan for life-long income needs and maximizing the estate,
●  People already retired that did not save enough and need help increasing their income.

Stratitech Consulting, Inc. has no minimum asset requirement for starting or maintaining an account. We are a fee-only firm.

Question:  If I work with Stratitech, do I have to have a contract?

Answer:  No, if either you or Stratitech decides that our relationship is not satisfactory, all work on your account will stop. A final invoice will be sent to be paid immediately. That will end our relationship.

Question: If I already am retired and did not save enough money to have a comfortable life, can anything be done to increase my income?

Answer:  Yes, there are a number of sound companies that pay substantial dividends providing income without depleting your savings. It comes down to your ability to handle risk, your tax situation and your investing horizon. We have many options and can evaluate them together.

Question:  What does Stratitech charge?

Answer:  Stratitech is a fee only investment Firm. The Firm will not accept or pay commissions or finder fees. When we work on your account, Stratitech will invoice you $90.00 per hour billed on a per minute basis. A detailed invoice listing all work performed with a precise start and stop time will be provided. If there are specific expenses related to your account, they will be billed at cost. Invoices will be issued approximately monthly and are payable upon receipt.



Prepayment Requirement


Fee for Financial Work Provided

$90 / Hour

Assets Under Management less than $500,000

Total fees not to exceed $4,000 in 12 months*

Assets Under Management greater than $500,000

Total fees not to exceed 1% of Assets Under Management in 12 months*

* Unless additional work is specifically authorized by Client

Question:  What about confidentiality? Is our work together kept confidential?

Answer:  The law is very specific regarding confidentiality. Stratitech Consulting, Inc. shall not disclose the identity, affairs, or investments of any Client unless required to do so by law or consented to by the Client. Client information must be kept confidential. Section 130.849 Consumer Information Privacy Provisions An investment adviser, registered or required to be registered pursuant to Section 8.D of the Act, shall comply with the privacy provisions of subtitle A of Title V of the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (15 USC 6801-09) and the Federal Trade Commission regulations at 16 CFR 313 (Privacy of Consumer Financial Information).

Question:  What is the biggest issue between an investment adviser representative and the client?

Answer:  By far the most difficult thing is determining the client’s tolerance for risk. Risk is very personal and different for everyone. The only way for the adviser to understand the client’s true risk tolerance is through extensive conversation and examples. The law requires that investments made must be suitable for the client. This means that we will need to work together closely.

Question:  What is the single best thing that the investment adviser representative can do for his client?

Answer:  Give them peace and contentment. Take away the nagging worry that not knowing and not understanding can cause. Provide a flexible and comprehensive financial plan that will serve them today and into the future.

Question:  I thought that this is all about stock picking. How come there is so little about that on this website?

Answer:  Without a thorough understanding of the desires, hopes and dreams of the client, a portfolio cannot be created. Stratitech has a wonderful tool called GetFinance© that can help select equities. It allows for the evaluation of every stock on every stock exchange for which quarterly and annual financial statements are available. The numbers are the easy part.

Question:  I see that there some brochures on the pull-down menu. Why do you have brochures on an investment adviser website?

Answer:  To protect and inform the client and the potential client the law requires every investment adviser Firm and every investment adviser representative to create a comprehensive document describing fees, types of clients, experience, education, investment strategies, stock evaluation techniques, etc. By law, these are called brochures.

Question:  Why do you want to be in this business?

Answer:  It all started because I love the numbers and I am good at it. It has evolved into a strong desire to truly help people live a better financial life.

Question:  If I am going to be your client, where do we start?

Answer:  Stratitech offers a free one-hour consultation to discuss where you are, where you want to go and how we can work together to get there. This gives both of us a chance to see if we are comfortable with each other and if we can develop a relationship built on trust and respect. Please call or email to get us started!

Question:  How many clients do you have? How many clients do you want to have?

Answer: Right now, a hand full. I would like to have no more than 25 -50 clients. This would give me the opportunity to provide personal service and good communication. Many of the “big boys” have 250 -500. That would mean that every client would be entitled to between one-half and one business day per year. I could never do that because I feel that it is cheating the client.

Question: Can I invest in foreign stocks?

Answer:  Sure. Foreign stocks can be purchased, as well as, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Depending upon the country, there are tax ramifications to consider but nothing terribly difficult.