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Stratitech Makes Money both the "New-Fashioned" and the Old Fashioned Way...

There are nearly 6,000 equities listed on the major stock exchanges. How can anyone determine which ones to buy? Stratitech has the tools to bring in the financial information on all stocks listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. We also have the tools to bring in the quarterly and annual balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows for those companies if the information exists. A proprietary computer program called GetFinance© is used to evaluate this massive amount of information. The output provided includes year-over-year growth of earnings, sales, equity and cash flow. It provides an estimate of the value of the stock and provides a comparison against current price. The number of stocks is reduced from 6,000 to less than fifty in just minutes. First we look for financial soundness, then we look for value.

Top – This is the main screen. It shows the calculations that great investors like Graham, Allan, Greenblatt, Piotrowski, Novy-Marx, Lynch, Siegel, Buffet and Town feel are important.

Side – The information is displayed when a company is highlighted and the right mouse button is clicked. It provides additional earnings and value detail.

Bottom – GetFinance© allows our adviser to export any or all of the information into a spreadsheet to select the most appropriate stocks for a more thorough evaluation.